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We partner with other members of The Dynamic Spectrum Photography Group on most weddings simply because the WEDDING is such a SPECIAL occasion. It usually requires more than one photographer, a lot of "Pre Planning" "Preparation" and "Equipment" to make sure your "Special Day" is preserved beyond a lifetime.

It is the job, no duty of the wedding photographer to make every effort and do his very best to produce a finished product that exceeds the price that he charges for his work. Because this is a very special event that cannot be repeated, he must make sure that he is as well prepared for any and every part of what the wedding party wants. To accomplish this we use the 4 "C" method.



You should try an book your wedding photographer early, at the very least two months prior to the day of the wedding, thus providing ample time for consultations  between the photographer and the client. We suggest that there be no less than three such consultations with the last one being at a rehearsal (preferably the final one)


Although it is not necessary to hire a wedding planer or coordinator, there should be someone designated to help gather and organize the various group ceremonial pictures, making sure that all participants are available and ready when the time comes. This person should have a good working knowledge of all particulars of the wedding and the people involved in any pictures as well as controlling the photographing area, making sure the photographer has ample access to get the shots he wants and that guests do not interfere with or impede his work.


It is imperative that good communications be kept between the photographer, client and coordinator at all times. Things happen and sometimes just cannot be avoided,  however most of them can be fixed or adjustments made if the communication channel is working. The old saying: "the best laid plans of mice & men" tells us that things don't always go as planned, and since most parts of the wedding cannot be redone good communications is the best way to prevent that from spoiling your special day.


This should not have to be explained, however experience tells us that it does.  With the advent of the camera phone, I-Pad, Tablet and entry level DSLR cameras everyone wants to get the pictures. This poses a great problem for the professional in many ways. So many times we have had people refuse to adhere to our request to let us get our shot first or not stand in a position that blocks our shooting position, only to have them ignore the request or complain. We respect the fact that there will be relatives and friends that want pictures, we just ask that they respect the fact that we are getting paid to do it and that the client (Bride & Groom) expects us to deliver what they are paying for.

We work hard to maintain the 4 C's if we do then we know we will produce a beautiful product for our client

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